Non Stick Double Sided Samosa Bakeware – Black


Key Features:

  • Double sided – both sides of the pan can be used
  • Magnetic locking mechanism
  • Silicon rubber seal, creating pressure effect
  • Cook food faster and evenly, saving time and energy
  • Less odor and smoke for frying food
  • No more oil splattering, less cleaning
  • Excess oil drip
  • Ergonomic handle design for safe and comfort handling while cooking
  • Non-stick coating: high performance healthy coating

Package Includes: 1 X Non-Stick Samosa Bake ware

Description: Aluminum Die Casted Samosa Maker Double Sided Baking Pan. Features: DOUBLE SIDED – BOTH SIDES OF THE PAN CAN BE USED. NON STICK COATING MAGNETIC LOCKING MECHANISM SILICON RUBBER SEAL, CREATING PRESSURE EFFECT. COOK FOOD FASTER AND EVENLY, SAVING TIME AND ENERGY LESS ODOR AND SMOKE FOR FRYING FOOD. NO MORE OIL SPLATTERING, LESS CLEANING EXCESS OIL DRIP ERGONOMIC HANDLE DESIGN FOR SAFE AND COMFORT HANDLING WHILE COOKING. Description: One of the reasons aluminum cookware is so popular is that it is an excellent conductor of heat. Because of this quality, heat spreads quickly and evenly across the bottom, up the sides and across the cover to completely surround the food being cooked. Easy to clean


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