Silicone Baby U shaped Tooth Brush, Gum Protector Soft Toothbrush

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Innovative U-shaped Groove, close to the teeth, to help babies clean their teeth.
With a U-shaped toothbrush, brushing your baby's teeth is no longer a nightmare.
Super soft silicone brush head, ultra-quiet massage, does not cause root bleeding and avoids cleansing
Cleaning teeth, healthy baby, comprehensive body, perfect independent ability.
How to use: Shake the toothpaste before squeezing around the brush then put inside your kid's mouth and just sway left to right. Rinse after using. This is so easy that you can also teach your kids to do it!


Brush your baby’s teeth starting at the tender age of 4 months. We love this toothbrush because it’s ideal for babies and toddlers and helps them get used to the sensation of brushing. Protect your little ones' first toothbrushes with the Baby U Toothbrush Holder. Your baby will love it!

Kids U Shaped Toothbrush Infant & Toddler Silicone Brush - Practice makes perfect. Start early and teach your children the correct way to brush with this Special Kids Brush. The soft bristles on the specially shaped, head of this toothbrush help prevent gum damage as kids learn to brush properly. 5x more effective for children than a regular adult toothbrush.

Age Group: 0.4 Months - 8 years

Silicone Baby U shaped Tooth Brush, Gum Protector Soft Toothbrush
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